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Child Dental Benefits

The Child Dental Benefit scheme is funded by Medicare and is available to eligible families and provides $1000 towards the child’s dental treatment over a period of 2 years. This scheme allows for examination, preventative and early intervention treatment to be provided to catch and treat any problems before they become a huge burden on the child’s health. Research has proven that children who are regular dental attenders continue into adulthood far more dentally healthy than those who do not. This scheme gives each eligible child the best start in life for dental health. The scheme also will cover costs associated with dental emergencies and pain relief. These days, no child should have to expect to suffer continued dental pain.

For more information and to check your child’s eligibility just call Toothkind or Email us and we’ll be happy to help you. Maybe your friends are not aware of this opportunity to help their kids. Like us on Facebook to let them know.

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