Hasn’t this summer been hot?!

In hot weather, as many of us know, it is very easy to become dehydrated.

One of the first warning signs of dehydration is dry mouth. Someone may find that they have trouble swallowing, and their friends and family may notice that they have bad breath, which is a product of dry mouth.

While dry mouth may be a symptom of a larger problem, if someone regularly experiences the condition due to poor hydration, it may lead to more serious complications. A mouth that is not producing saliva becomes an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Many of these microbes cause infections that may lead cavities and gum disease.

Dry mouth can also have many unwanted negative effects on general health.

During this summer heat, more than ever the need for adequate hydration is great, considering the complications it can cause.

Anyone worried about the effects that dehydration can have on their oral health, concerned about any other issues with their mouth or feel it’s time to simply have things checked should get in touch with our friendly team and let us take a look.

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DCF 1.0