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About Us

‘Because teeth have feelings too’

At ToothKind, we understand that every person is unique just as every mouth is unique. We offer specific and personally tailored dental treatments to suit you and your individual needs.

Our experienced dentists are gentle in nature and focus on providing comfortable care for all our patients. At ToothKind we always aspire to give our patients the highest quality care and will customise a treatment plan that suits your unique needs and budget.

We provide a variety of services for our patients form general dental care to cosmetic dentistry and family dental care.

Our Philosophy:

At ToothKind we care about your teeth and your happiness. We focus on delivering leading dental care using modern and conservative treatment techniques with an emphasis on minimal intervention, using minimally invasive techniques.

Our Mission:

At ToothKind we are aiming not only keep your teeth, but keep them alive and healthy for life!
Toothkind offers a dental experience unlike any you have had before. Whether you enjoy visiting the dentist or find it a scary experience we will provide you a great experience.

For more information about us, the technology that we use, or any of our services; please contact ToothKind, by calling (07) 3269 0655.